Blazing Bins is Veteran owned and Operated


About Us

Blazing Bins is a veteran owned and operated curbside trash bin cleaning business, serving the Spring and Woodlands areas. Our custom-made trucks use an eco-friendly, efficient, affordable and unique process for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing dirty recycle/trash bins. The unhealthy and nasty job of cleaning and disinfecting bins yourself is now a thing of the past!

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Cleaning Process

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Your trash bins will be placed at the rear of our custom-made system. Where the hydraulic lifting mechanism will lift your bins into the hopper. Once activated the high-pressure heads will begin to rotate 360° while spraying 190° hot water. This is all done while reclaiming the water back in to our fully self-contained system.

For best results we recommend your bins cleaned at least once a month, so that they remain blazing clean. This will ensure that you continue to have healthy clean bins.

Why Choose Us?

  • 190° Hot Power Wash
  • 99.9% Germ Elimination and waste removal
  • Clean, Disinfect & Deodorize
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning System
  • Did we mention, No Mess Left Behind!
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our pricing

Have your bins cleaned on a schedule that works for you.

Choose One Of Our Three Plans
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    1 Bin Per Month


    2 Bins Per Month


    3 Bins Per Month


    4 Bins Per Month


    5 Bins Per Month

  • Red Bin

    1 Bin Per 2 Month


    2 Bins Per 2 Month


    3 Bins Per 2 Month


    4 Bins Per 2 Month


    5 Bins Per 2 Month

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    1 Bin Per 3 Month


    2 Bins Per 3 Month


    3 Bins Per 3 Month


    4 Bins Per 3 Month


    5 Bins Per 3 Month

Checkout Pricing For Your Area

We recommend at least once every month to stay on top of the bacteria and unpleasant odors. However, we have multiple options available for your convenience.

Unsanitary bins can be dangerous and harmful to pets, children, pregnant women, and older adults. Our cleaning process will disinfect and deodorize your bins, which helps keep you and your family safe and healthy

Well… first of all, we do a better job. Secondly, our process is eco-friendly as we use a lot less water than manual cleaning and do not put the contaminated water into the storm drains.

We do! Give us a call and we will arrange to CLEAN your trash/recycling bins on a schedule that works for you.

Try Blazing Bins

With the many benefits of having clean, healthy bins, why wouldn’t you sign up for a service plan that you can cancel anytime